Oracle Fusion Middleware Partner Community Forum Malage, the overview

On the 7th and 8th of februari i attended the Oracle Fusion Middleware Partner Community Forum in Malaga.
A 4 day during event with other Oracle colleagues from other companies and from Oracle itself.

After taking a early flight from Schiphol Amsterdam, we arrived on time in Malaga. Great weather, compared to the -12 degrees in The Netherlands.

The agenda for the 4 days
The first day started with the next list of session :

  • Keynote Oracle Middleware Sales Strategy, Opportunities and Go-to-Market
  • Keynote Oracle Fusion Middleware Strategy & Direction
  • Partner SOA & BPM & Webcenter Reference Case
  • Keynote Automatic and Dynamic Publishing using Semantics and Webcenter Content
  • WebLogic 12c & Enterprise Manager 12c & ExaLogic for Fusion Middleware
  • ADF overview and roadmap

The day ended with the so called ‘Socal Network Event’. As usual Jurgen planned a great evening again for all of us.
Starting in El Pimpi restaurant with some drinks, delicious snacks and live music!

.. and to end up in Aleas Restaurant for a great dinner. Ideal moment to find out more about the new ps5/12c features and to finally get in contact with some friends of twitter.

The second day would be the more interested day with presentation about the new upcoming releases. Ideal to get in touch with the right persons and try to find out what’s coming up for us.
The interesting ones for me :

  • WebLogic what’s new in 12c
  • SOA Suite 11g overview, latest new features and directions
  • iAs to Wls
  • WebLogic automation & first WebLogic impressions

For the overall agenda see here.

The last 2 days we could follow the next hands-on trainings :

  • ADF & WebCenter MasterClass by Red Samurai, VASS, InfoMentum and Oracle
  • WebLogic 12c: Maciej Gruszka
  • SOA: Simone Geib & James

A list of upcoming features in one of the next minor upcoming releases (no guarantees, no dates!). Besides that some notes i made myself


  • Oracle Service Bus will make use of the ECID, so we will be able to trace down to OSB in the audit trial of the instances in the EM
  • Unified exception handling framework (“Error hospital”) (search/delete/recover failed instances)
  • Alerts for stuck messages (eventually these alerts will have the same destinations like the alerts from OSB), extra search options in the EM for these type of instances (stuck messages, ECID, etc)
  • Testing individuals bpel processes from the composite. Support for assertions, fast forward for wait activities
  • New transactions properties (required/requiresNew) for sync and oneway bpel processes (initiating calls). Able to set those on creation of the process instead of in the xml after creating.
  • New delivery proprties (async.persists/async.cache/sync) for async and oneway processes. (async.persist = save message in delivery store before picked up by engine, async.cache = in memory and sync = no save al all)
  • New property inspector for composite properties, instead of xml editing
  • Support for bpel 2.0 Dynamic Partnerlinks
  • Skip Condition on activities for bpel 2.0
  • Throw faults on failed assertions
  • Set timeouts on request/reply and in-only operations
  • Copy/paste functionality, for copying parts of your process in design time
  • Reduced memory footprint (let’s hope this time it will run fine on my mega dell laptop)
  • Enhanced purging strategies (
  • Out of the box integration with WebLogic Diagnostic Framework (WLDF) and Diagnostics Framework(DFW)
  • Coherence integration with DB adapter (cache usage = read/read-write)
  • Template support for composites
  • Besides XSLT also support for XQuery (like in OSB)
  • Out of the box scheduler (ESS) for scheduling webservices, adapters, ejb, plsql, etc


  • Improved RESTful webservices
  • Assign Transport Policies via OWSM
  • Apply policy to local proxies
  • Optimization importing jars containing an big amount of artificats
  • New console with OSB Designer and OSB Dashboard
  • OSB service will get same kind of composite overview in JDeveloper (Exposed services/Components/External Services)


  • OSB, CEP, Composites, etc in 1 IDE
  • Better support for debug and tracing in JDEV
  • AIA support in OSB


  • Java EE 6 and Developer Productivity
  • Integrated Traffic Management
  • Better performance
  • Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder (OVAB) support
  • Better Maven integration
  • Latest Spring framework support
  • -Dservertype=wlx, launch instance without ejb, jms and jca containers
  • FastSwap
  • Option for storing transactions logs in de DB instead of filestore
  • Enhanced Disaster Recovery and High Availability
  • Deploy Glassfish application on Weblogic (detection of Glassfish descriptor)

Overall a great event again.
Thanks go out to Jürgen Kress and Hans Blaas for organizing it!

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I made a post in my blog in how to use the OSB ” **Repository ” classes to read any OSB project resources programmatically at runtime. As a reader and admirer of your blog, I would like your feedback in this post, because I did not find much information about this approach on the internet:

Gilberto Holms

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