Oracle Service Bus, Request Entity Too Large

In the osb we use business services (http transport + wsdl) to call our composites on the soa suite.
In a few situations the routing in the osb fail with the next error

[sourcecode language=”xml”]

Request Entity Too Large



Looking in the list of instances in the soa suite we see the instances over there just complete in a valid way but still the routing in the osb fails.


  • Go to the configuration of the business service
  • Go to the HTTP Transport tab
  • Disable “Use Chunked Streaming Mode”

See also this blog for some extra explanation

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4 Responses to “Oracle Service Bus, Request Entity Too Large”


OSB or SOA Suite(BPEL), which performs better under heavy load of requests? Any stats on this would be of great help


Well both are used for different use cases. BPEL should be used for orchestrating processes. If you purely look at the performance aspect, OSB will give you better results. BPEL will store instance data to his dehydration store. OSB is stateless.


nice post dear Eric,
I found it useful and it solved my problem.

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