Weblogic jdbc resource out of sync

For some development task we added a jdbc resource needed for one of our business services which was based on the database adapter.
For a test we added environment settings for let’s say development1, but later on we needed to switch this setup to development2.
Easy task by just editting the jdbc resource setup in the console, change the settings and go (or restart the server and go).
But in both cases the resource kept pointing to the development1 environment.

The config for the jdbc resource is getting stored over here :
[sourcecode language=”xml”]

Locate the ‘jdbc-system-resource’ tag for your jdbc resource
[sourcecode language=”xml”]



Now navigate to the file mentioned in the descriptor-file-name tag. In here the credentials and connection info are getting stored.
This file was for some reason out of sync with the data showed in the Weblogic Console.

Delete the jdbc resource from the console, and see if the config.xml and the corresponding file in the jdbc directory are getting removed.
Re-add the jdbc resource in the console, and check the file again to see if the correct info is getting stored.

Or try the change the settings in the file itself and do a restart.

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2 Responses to “Weblogic jdbc resource out of sync”


Hi Eric,

Now I’m experimenting little different thing. I want to implement the same concept to wtc services of weblogic. I want to separate wtc related config from main config file. I know Management schema validation issues will come while validating. But still I want to implement somehow. Please help me in this.

Deviprasad, Middleware Expert.


Where do you want to store the wtc configuration? And what’s the reason to not registrate it in weblogic (config) itself?

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