Oracle Service Bus 11g, installation

Besides the new patchset for Oracle SOA Suite 11g, Oracle also released the new Oracle Service Bus 11g.
See Edwin his list for the new features.

Download the installer and unpack the files and move the files from Disk2 to Disk1, otherwise the installation won’t complete.

Select the middleware home and we will create the new Oracle Service Bus Home in there.

Configuration Wizard

See this (2.10 Oracle Service Bus Domain Configuration Scenarios) overview to decide what the best infrastructure scenario is for your case. Since it’s my development machine i choose to reuse the SOA Suite domain to extend it with the Oracle Service Bus components. For this i won’t need an extra Weblogic domain.

I selected the Single Domain, since it will be installed on my dev machine. For production Oracle advises to use the All Domain Topologies. In that case Oracle Service Bus will be running in a seperate managed server (just like soa_server1 and bam_server1).

By default the credentials for the SOA Suite Components are already configurated correctly, we only need to change the ‘OSB JMS Reporting Provider’ component.

And we’re done.

Oracle Service Bus Console
http://localhost:7001/sbconsole (new Weblogic login screen)

See also Edwin his blog on the new WSM functionality (policies).

Original blog

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7 Responses to “Oracle Service Bus 11g, installation”


Hi Eric,

If you want a separate osb server just like soa & bam then you should choose OSB extension – all domain topologies.

in your case everything of OSB is running on the admin server. For production I would choose to run OSB on a different server.


Eric Elzinga | May 3rd, 2010 at 9:35 am

Documentation says its ok for Development to use the single domain option. Then i will have just 1 managed server with all the components in it. For production i would indeed seperate them all in different managed servers

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My recommendation is to install OSB as a cluster, even in a standalone environment. That will give you and admin server and one managed server, (You just define only one managed server in a cluster 🙂 )



Hi! In my case, when i try run the installator, It ask me that especify the path from JRE/FDK. Can you tell me what do i do?


For the installation you will need a jre/jdk installation. If you installation both the jrocket and jdk on installating the weblogic you could point the installer to this path (MIDDLEWARE_HOME/jdk….) or search in the MIDDLEWARE_HOME for the correct path). Or if you already have some other jdk6 installation on your machine you can use the path to this one.

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