Oracle Service Bus workshop, WAAI project feedback

Yesterday we had the ‘feedback’ day/evening from the WAAI project over at IT-eye.
Part of the idea of the WAAI project is to spread the knowledge inside the company so we all know about he nice upcoming things of the Oracle Fusion 11g stack.

One of my colleagues started with the Oracle BPM presentation and workshop. Some nice info and good exercises to get in touch with the new BPM.
After that the playground was mine.
A few hours of hard work and exhausted colleagues trying to complete all the 3 cases from the workshop.

At the end i planned some time for questions and discussions.
Since most of the colleagues already had experience with the Oracle SOA Suite stack, they could do a good compair on the ‘new’ Oracle Service Bus (OSB) and the ‘old’ Oracle Enterprise Service Bus (OESB).
An overall impression would be quiet positive. They liked the new functionality in the bus althought some of the functionality needs a bit more knowlegde and experience. But thats what we will all have when we start to using new products.

A few questions which came up

  • If we’re going to use both both Oracle Service Bus and Oracle BPEl, what should we model in the OSB and what should we model in BPEL.
    Maybe longrunning statefull processes in BPEL and keep the OSB mean and clean?
    Or is there some functionality which really needs to be in the bus?
    Are there any guidelines and best practices on how to model this ?
    The possibilities of the OESB weren’t that rich. So most modelling still had to happen in for example BPEL. The OESB would mostly be used for some routing/transformation and virtualization.
    The OSB gives us a lot of functionality for modelling the message flows, so i could imagine functionality which we normally would model in BPEL can be modelled in the OSB itself.
    But would this be the correct ‘role’ of the new bus ?

  • Most of the transformations in the bus make use of the functionality of xquery.
    What are the pro and cons on both xquery and xslt ? When do we use which one ?

After all a good day and i hope my colleagues enjoyed it too.

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3 Responses to “Oracle Service Bus workshop, WAAI project feedback”


Does OSB 10.3.1 supports BAM adapters?


No, by default the bam adapters arent available in the osb. Only ones avaible are AppsAdapter, AqAdapter and DbAdapter. But you can use the webservice interfance of your bam objects to integrate it in your osb projects. Or you could write your own one with the jca transport.

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