ALSB Console project out of sync with file system

Short reminder for myself

During development of my alsb projects i clone, rename, move and do all sorts of things to eventually end of with one correct list of projects with good naming convention.
Once in a while when i try to rename for example proxy services back to some old name i already used i get errors about the new name already exists, although i’m pretty sure it’s not in the console anymore.

Short fix

[sourcecode language=’xml’]\user_projects\domains\\sbgen\[/sourcecode]
Find the ear file with contains your (old) resource with the identifier you tried to use (i couldn’t find any unix command which would let me list the files in the ear, and after that let me search a string on them).
If you found the correct ear (view application.xml in the META-INF dir, the jav:display-name-elements contains your identifier).

Stop wls
Remove ear-file
Start wls and try to rename again, it should be fixed.

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2 Responses to “ALSB Console project out of sync with file system”


I was attempting to export my OSB project as a Jar in Eclipse OSB 11g, but I was getting this erro:Unexpected error during Oracle Service Bus synchronization. Please see the logs for more information.

For fixing this problem i did like below..

1)closed the all projects
2)refresh and reopen the projects.

still iam getting this error..
Could you please help me out on this ?


It’s hard to see what the error good be. Can you paste the stacktrade?
Could you also check OSB_WORKSPACEDIR/.metadata to see if you can find something in the logfiles there ?

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