Mule IDE 2.0 RC1

I’m currently working on a proof of concept for testing the mule esb for a local goverment.
It’s a nice case to become familiar with a new esb since i mostly did my development on the Oracle ESB/ALSB.
Good too see some differences in concepts/techniques and connectivity and what the open source world has to offer for service busses.
Though the gives me some nice documentation/examples, i was still missing a good ide for development (though most can be done with some simple editor), i still like auto-complete in xml etc.

I already noticed Mule-IDE, but this version wasnt really actively updated, till i noticed a new update on this blog today. Though you can get most work done by running some mule maven archetype and eclipse for the editting of the xml/java, i’m still curious if the ide gives some extra functionality.


Will check it out to see if it’s usefull for my mule development.

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